Frequently asked questions

Yes. It is required that every cat has up-to-date annual cat flu vaccinations. These should be given twice as a kitten, three weeks apart and from then on – once a year.

Where the cat has not previously been vaccinated two doses are needed, three weeks apart and the second injection should be given a minimum of one week before the stay to insure immunity. Where the most recent vaccination is a booster there is no minimum period before stay provided the boosters have been kept in date historically.

A veterinary stamped and dated card will need to be presented to prove vaccinations have been given within the last year and historically.

The Leukaemia vaccine, though recommended for outdoor cats and multi cat households, is not required to stay.

The Pear Tree’s pens are all built to house a maximum of 2 cats at a time. These cats must cohabit normally in order to stay together here. Where more than two cats are being boarded the owners may choose which cats should be paired together or they may be rotated across the stay if preferred.

No. Cats are housed in separate pens and will not be allowed to mingle with others, other than their normally cohabiting pen mate, at any time.

No. The pens are built to licencing guideline sizes and are big enough for two cats to sleep and exercise in. Each pen consists of an indoor/sleeping and feeding area and an outside covered run. The cat has access to both areas throughout the day and evening and is confined to the indoor sleeping quarters overnight. Each pen opens on to a safety corridor and though the cat may venture into this area during cleaning of pens, they will not be allowed to stay outside their pen for any length of time as this corridor is designed specifically as a double door safety system to avoid escapes, a feature which becomes redundant if outer doors are opened while the cats are not safely in their pens.

Should you choose to, your cat is the only thing you need to bring with you for the stay (though don’t forget your vaccination card so a copy can be taken), The Pear Tree will provide beds, litter trays, bowls, food and water and toys. However, should your pet have a favourite bed, scratch post, toys or treats do feel free to bring these along. In short, bring as much or as little as you would like to.

Yes. The pens are insulated in a way that shields the indoor area from the sun allowing for a cool space in the summer months and a warm nook in the winter. But for extra toastiness each pen is also fitted with a purpose designed heater for those cold winter nights.

There is a cat flap in the inner door of each pen that allows movement to the outside run. But in nice warm weather there is also a window which can be left open to allow movement to outside. If your cat does not know how to use a cat flap don’t worry at all, just let me know, it doesn’t take long to show them the ropes.

Should your cat be registered at a nearby vet we will take them to be seen there, otherwise your cat will be seen by the wonderful Simon and team at Just Cats on Duke Street. Where it is felt that the cat has an issue which is infectious and could be passed to other cats they will spend the remainder of their stay in the purpose built quarantine pen, this is exactly the same specifications as all the other pens, just far enough away from the others to eliminate risk, so you can continue your holiday safe in the knowledge your cat is being looked after. Any vet’s bills incurred during your cats stay will be paid by the cattery and recouped on your return.

Not at all! Bring all their medication along with you when you arrive and fill me in on what they need and when. I am happy to continue their medication throughout their stay. If you normally wrap tablets in a certain treat, bring that too.

All pens are cleaned and the cats fed morning and evening during which time plenty of time is taken to fuss and cuddle the cats too. Throughout the day the cats are regularly checked and I love that a large part of my day to day job is chin tickles and belly rubs. I live on site so the cats are never left for long periods without being checked.

Provided your cat eats cat meat and/or biscuit that can be bought in a shop or supermarket let us know the brand and type and we will buy it in. If your cat’s food if vet prescribed, please bring along enough to cover the stay. We are happy to feed ‘human’ food such as chicken or tuna to your cats if this is what they are used to eating, but again please provide these items.